Regular Dose GcMAF 2.5 ml multi-dose vials (100 ng/0.5 ml):

For conditions as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) & Autism, a lower dosage of 100 ng Regular Dose GcMAF once per week may be sufficient.

800ng GcMAF minimum 8 doses -- 64,200 yen (487 euros)
1600ng GcMAF minimum 16 doses -- 120,200 yen (913 euros)
2400ng GcMAF minimum 24 doses -- 176,200 yen (1,339 euros)


High Dose GcMAF 2.5ml multi-dose vials (1500ng/0.5ml):

Activating macrophages with High Dose GcMAF is an important part of any treatment program, which can be used in combination with any other therapies. GcMAF works especially well in synergy with targeted therapies which don't harm the immune system. Second Generation GcMAF has the advantage of having no side effects so treatment should be continued as long as necessary while disease is present. This is a significant advantage over many conventional therapies which have cumulative toxicity that limits their use.

2 vials x 2.5ml GcMAF (1500ng/0.5ml)  8 doses -- 104,200yen (791 euros)
4 vials x 2.5ml GcMAF (1500ng/0.5ml) 16 doses -- 200,200yen (1,521 euros)
6 vials x 2.5ml GcMAF (1500ng/0.5ml) 24 doses -- 296,200yen (2,250 euros)